Prayers to San Cayetano
Prayers to San Cayetano.
It seems that most of the common prayers to San Cayetano that can be found today originated with the Spanish Theatines. These prayers together with the Saint’Äôs spirituality, statues and pictures of him, were taken over to the 'New world' by missionaries. They are still used nowadays in countries such as Mexico and Argentina with only slight variations from those used in Spain itself. Most of the ones I present here came from Spanish speaking web sites and I freely but humbly translated the main idea into English while trying to keep the spirituality contained within.
* San Gaetano, while we observe the troubles of our Church, help us to continue to love her.¬İGuide us to the positive steps we need to take to work within it for renewal.¬İ Help us to be examples of holiness to all.¬İAmen.

* O God, you gave Cayetano, your confessor, the grace to imitate the life of the apostles, grant us by his intercession and example, the grace to put all our confidence in You, and to wish only for spiritual things through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

* Look down, Lord and most Holy Father, from your celestial dwelling, upon this Holy Wafer that offers your son and our Lord to you, by the sins of His brothers, be merciful despite the many wrongs of the world; heed the voice of the blood of your Son Jesus Christ, which cries out to You from the Cross; grant me, Lord, my needs through the intercession of San Cayetano the protector of our town and deal with me according to your mercy. Amen

* Glorious San Cayetano, You lived your life seeing Christ in your brothers especially in the most needy, and experienced the great truth of the Divine Providence of your God, grant that we do not forget that whatever we do to a brother we are doing it to Christ. Help us to imitate you in the way you lived the life of the apostles; in your dedication to the service of the Faith, help us to always place our confidence in God who loves us as our Father. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

* O glorious San Cayetano Father of Divine Providence, you do not allow that our homes lack the basic needs. Your liberal hand will grant our requests in due time.

* O glorious San Cayetano! Provide us with (mention the grace desired). Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.
* Ejaculation: Glorious San Cayetano you intercede for us before the Divine Providence of God.

* Glorious San Gaetano, acclaimed by all people to be father of Divine Providence because you grant from God miraculous aid to all who come to you in need, I stand here before you today, asking that you present to the Lord the petitions that I confidently deposit in your hands. (Mention the graces desired.)
May these graces that I now request help me to always seek the Kingdom
of God and his Righteousness, knowing that God -- who dresses with
beauty the flowers of the field and abundantly feeds the birds of the sky -- will give me all other things.¬İAmen.

* Oh God, Protector of those who trust in you and without whose power and grace nothing good exists, you abundantly spread your mercy on us so that, by the example of San Cayetano, we use temporary goods in such away that we do not lose the glory of eternity itself. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.
Novena to San Cayetano:
The actual Novena of San Gaetano exists in Italian in a small booklet, an old copy of which was on sale over the internet lately. See Left...

The version which I present below, is a translation from one in Spanish found on a website.
Introductory prayer for every day:
Omnipotent and everlasting God, You wanted San Cayetano to trust in your Providence and despise earthly things and You enriched him with abundant spiritual goods, grant that those who implore the graces of your Divine Providence are aided in their necessities by San Cayetano’Äôs intercession. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Glorious San Cayetano, you appreciated the healthful practice of prayer so much that your life was a continuous prayer, and to this beneficial exercise you dedicated particularly up to eight hours daily; grant us that we should be totally convinced that everything is reached by means of prayer and nothing can be gained without it and that all our prayers will be alive, faithful, reverently attentive, deeply humble, confident and perseveringly inexhaustible. Amen.

(Conclude with the final prayer).

Glorious Protector San Cayetano, whose love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament made you raise beautiful temples to Him, adorning them with magnificence, and exhorting the faithful to receive frequently the Holy Eucharist, teach us reverence to the Holy Sacrament and to receive It modestly to merit eternal life. Amen.
(Conclude with the final prayer).

My Glorious protector San Cayetano, whose singular devotion to Mary made you deserve her protection, particularly in the hour of your death when she sweetly said "Cayetano, come with me, my son is calling you", intercede with this kind Mother whom we invoke during all the moments of our lives and this way She will attend to us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
(Conclude with the final prayer).

My Glorious protector San Cayetano, staunch defender of the Faith against all attacks of heresy, discoverer of what was ailing the Church, grant that we appreciate the inestimable gift of faith, without which it is impossible to please God, and swiftly reject with firmness all errors. Amen.
(Conclude with the final prayer).

O Glorious Saint, you took so much to heart the virtue of hope that you rejected what the world had to offer and gave all your trust to God's Providence to sustain your communities. Grant that we might live with the unshakable hope that God, through the merits of His Divine Son, will give us Eternal Life together with the means of obtaining it, and that temporary earthly goods will never serve as an obstacle to us in gaining it. Amen.

(Conclude with the final prayer).

San Cayetano my protector, I can see your chest bursting with the love of others and your heart coming out to save the poor and to fight sin. I beseech you, grant that we love God and our neighbour with all our hearts.
(Conclude with the final prayer).

O my Glorious Saint whose deepest humility made you give up all your worldly benefices from your priesthood, grant that God will not cease to look upon us because of our pride but that we will deserve His mercies through our sincere humility.
(Conclude with the final prayer).

My dearest San Cayetano, you who were patient and suffered all your life especially during the sacking of Rome when the foreign soldiers tortured you, grant us the patience to undergo the adversities of this life thus gaining our glorious crown in Heaven.
(Conclude with the final prayer).

My Glorious Protector San Cayetano whose perfect chastity made you deserving Mary giving you Her Son Jesus to hold, grant that we will not stain our souls with sin and will guard our purity with Christian mortification.
(Conclude with the final prayer).

Final Prayer:
(In order to gain this grace and others that we wished to obtain by intercession of San Cayetano, we now say three 'Our Father' to the Blessed Trinity. Then this final prayer composed by San Cayetano himself is said):
"Look down, O Lord, from Your sanctuary, from Your dwelling in heaven on high, and behold this sacred Victim which our great High Priest, Your Holy Son our Lord Jesus Christ, offers up to You for the sins of His brethren and be appeased despite the multitude of our transgressions. Behold, the voice of the Blood of Jesus, our Brother, cries to You from the cross. Give ear, O Lord. Be appeased, O Lord. Hearken and do not delay for Your own sake, O my God; for Your Name is invoked upon this city and upon Your people and deal with us according to Your mercy. Amen.
That You would defend, pacify, keep, preserve, and bless this city, we beseech You, hear us."

An actual novena in Italian published on the Centenary of San Gaetano's death, can be seen below:
Lil San Gejtanu ta' Thiene
(To St.Cajetan of Thiene)

A Sonnet in Maltese by Dun Karm Psaila Malta's National Poet

Qieghdet fuq gbinek l-ohla bews l-imhabba,
Hekk kif ghall-hajja nfethu hbub ghajnejk.
L-isbah ward li fix-xemx t'April jitrabba,
Zejjen il-bjuda fejn serraht haddejk.

Xejn ma ncahadlek kulma l-qalb ixabba,
Malli ssawret il-kelma fuq xofftejk.
Kulma seta' fil-ghajn tan-nies itabba'
Il-gieh ta' nislek, qatt ma resaq lejk.

Izda kif fetah maz-zghuzija hsiebek,
Gharaft il-frugha li tlellex bla dewma.
U l-fqar u l-imsejknin ghazilt bi hbiebek.

Ftaqart ghax ridt, qalbieni fit-tigrib,
Bqajt, Id-dnewwa minghajr ebda lewma
U, bhal Gesu, xtaqt tmut fuq is-salib.