The fact that San Gaetano is an obscure Saint especially for English speaking peoples, has been a huge obstacle for me in gathering the right sources of information. Moreover books published about him are scarce and many times unavailable.
I have gathered information about our Saint from the Internet especially, so it is impossible to aknowledge all my sources for the only reason that all the thousands of little bits of information came from different sources and in different languages. I do have the advantage of being well versed in Italian and French and of picking up a little bit of Spanish and Portuguese through their affinity with Italian and Latin. It was harder for me to decipher German and other languages.
Books about San Gaetano are hard to get, and even though I tried to make contact with the Theatines themselves (The Order San Gaetano founded) in Italy, Spain and the U.S., I never received an answer. Pity, because the Italians have an ongoing web site of their own and the web site of the Spanish Theatines used to advertise an extensive list of books about the Saint both in Italian and Spanish. Of these books, further down, I am presenting just the outside front cover together with the Title translated into Enlish, the Author and date first issued.
The few booklets I have are translations into Maltese and when I have to quote from these it takes a twist of the brains to translate from a translation!

The following were my main sources:

* Most of my efforts were in freely translating the basic story of his life from San Gaetano Thiene by Michele Gianpietro which is published on the internet in a shorter version in Italian and building upon that with more information from elsewhere.

* San Gejtanu Thiene in Maltese translated by Mariosa Camilleri from the book in Italian Lettere di San Gaetano Thiene by P. Pasquale di Pietro C.S.

* Niltaqghu ma San Gejtanu (Let us meet St.Cajetan) Written in Maltese by Walter Camilleri on the 500th anniversary of the Saintĺ─˘s Birth.
(I found this booklet useful in finding places connected to the Saint in Malta)

* Ittri ta' San Gejtanu Thiene Published 2005. An up to date translation of the letters of the Saint from the archaic Italian into Maltese by Father Nikol Debono Montebello. This book also has a few beautifully rendered pictures of paintings of the Saint in Maltese towns and villages.

(I found this book useful in my chapter about the Spirituality of the Saint)

* Fr. Martin Micallef, Parish Priest of Wied il-Ghajn Malta was very helpful in sending me information from the writing of Kan. Joe Abela, Marsaskala, Malta 1999 pg. 35-36, about the small San Gejtanu chapel in that village.

* Maltese Hymns to San Gejtanu are from a book Innijiet, a compendium of hymns to local Patron Saints by Dun Frans Camilleri, a priest of Hamrun, a great friend of mine and a well known poet.

* John Mary Gatt from the Collegiate Church of St.Paul's Shipwreck in Valletta took me around the church showing and explaining anything connected to San Gejtanu. He also sent me a number of pictures by e-mail, some of which I posted on this website.

Also Online:

* Some information about the Sacking of Rome fromČŢMario Franciniĺ─˘s Fatti, fattacci e fatterelli di vita Italiana giorno dopo giorno attraverso i secoli Frassinelli, Milan 1985.

* Pictures of San Gaetano Church in Rogoredo Milano Italy kindly sent to me by members of the Choir Corogoredo.

* Absolute encyclopedia

* Catholic Encyclopedia.

* Dizionario del pensiero cristiano alternativo for some information about the life of Gian Matteo Giberti

*Photoplay Malta for permission to use the picture of a painting in Provvidenza chapel Siggiewi in the Malta page.

* And many other web sites too innumerable to mention, especially for my lengthy chapter All over the world.
Books written about San Gaetano and his Theatines in Italian:
Letters of S.Gaetano da Thiene.
compiled by Pasquale di Pietro C.R. 1980
San Gaetano Thiene
by Michele Gianpietro 1980
San Gaetano Thiene and the start of Catholic Reformation.
by Enrico Lucatello 1941 Rep. 1995
Gaetano Thiene the Saint - Priest
by P.Bernardo Laugeni C.R.1997
San Gaetano Thiene -
Heart of Catholic Reform
by Piero Chiminelli 1848
ĺ─˙Christ waits and no one movesĺ─¨
The letters of San Gaetano Thiene
compiled by V.Cosenza C.R. 1988
S.Gaetano Thiene
great man and great saint
by Giovanni B. Mattoni C.R. 1981
I Gaetano Priest
Life of San Gaetano from his letters
by Vincenzo Cosenza C.R. 1992
S.Gaetano Thiene from Vicenza
and his precious Heritage.
by Pasquale di Pietro 1997
Books written about San Cayetano and his Theatines in Spanish:
Life of San Cayetano
by Eduardo Gonzales
Illustrated life of San Cayetano
by Juan Bautista Caastaldo C.R. 1985
Compendium of the life
of San Cayetano
by P. Cayetano Vergara C.R. 1921
San Cayetano Thiene
Saint of (Divine) Providence
by Fray Contardo Miglioranza 1990
San Cayetano of Thiene
Patriarch of the Clerics Regular
by D.A.Veny Ballester C.R. 1950
On the ĺ─˛footstepsĺ─˘ of
The father of (Divine) Providence
by D.Pedro Rullan C.R. 1949
The Constitution of the
Order of Clerics Regular
Madrid 1995
The devotion to San Cayetano in Spain
by Francisco Gil C.R.
The Theatines
Charisma - History - Makeup
by Antonio Oliver C.R. 1991
San Cayetano
Father of Providence
by A.V.Ballester C.R.
Cayetano of Thiene A witness
to the Sermon on the Mount
by Valentin Arteaga 1986
Cayetano of Thiene
A guide of hope
for the 3rd Millenium
by Valentin Arteaga 1997
Letters and ascetical writings
of San Cayetano of Thiene
by A.V.Ballester C.R. 1977
All the above books used to be advertised on a Spanish Theatine website until recently.