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John Scerri
Door Knockers from Malta

Browsing over internet images of Malta one frequently comes across shots taken by tourists or Maltese themselves. I am referring especially to something that has become part of Maltese customs and even history, door knockers.

The first series of pictures of door knockers I came across was taken by my brother Anthony in the early 1950s in Mdina. Even though these were black & white, I was fascinated to the point of trying to emulate him.

One can find these made in brass or cast iron which is mostly painted black. Some are taken care of, polished or freshly painted, others are rusty and falling apart like the doors from which they hang but all are interesting to observe.

I am setting out on this page a series of my own shots taken all over Malta when I was there on diverse holidays. At the end I am also presenting the images of a set of stamps issued by Malta Post a few years ago depicting Door Knockers from Malta. The first group in Black and White were taken by my brother Anthony.

Please enjoy and appreciate our heritage.

Photos of my brother Anthony in Black & White
Artistic, from elaborate to plain.
Fish and Dolphins
Human forms or parts of

Lions on guard

Other animals & Birds
Crude door knockers