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St.Margaret Martyr Parish Church
Bishop David Cocco-Palmieri established the parish of Sannat on 28 April 1688. The present church dedicated to St.Margaret Martyr was built on the site of a smaller 16th century chapel in 1718 and was consecrated on 16 October 1755. However, after significant structural changes and enlargement, it was consecrated again on 22 November 1868. It was raised to the Archipresbyterial status on 27 December 1893. The church has a very fine titular painting by Stefano Erardi.
Assumption il-Qortin
Also commonly known as Saint Mary of mid-August, this church was looked after quite satisfactorily because from early time its founders had bequeathed property to provide for its upkeep. In 1630, the feast day of the Presentation of Our Lady in the temple was being celebrated on November 21. It was deconsecrated in 1657.