St.Lawrence Parish Church
San Lawrenz, lies on the west part of Gozo. The name of the village and of the Parish itself is derived from the dedication of an old chapel that stood in the area before 1575. San Lawrenz is the only village in Gozo named after its patron Saint. The foundation stone of the present Parish church was laid by Bishop Peter Pace on the 21st November 1886 and the building was ready by 1897. It was consecrated on the 26th September 1897 but had been established a parish since the 15th March 1893. Until it was declared a parish, it had formed part of the jurisdiction of Gharb. One can find paintings by G.Cali, G.Vella and others inside this temple.
Very little is known about this chapel that used to stand at Dwejra. It was always in a mediocre state and during the 1630 pastoral visit, the bishop ordered its door blocked up with stone.
Getsemane Chapel
A door that once led to the Parish office, nowadays leads one to the newly installed (2007) Chapel of Perpetual Adoration.
St.Anne Dwejra
Last to be built in the countryside in Gozo, it was designed by Joseph Mizzi from San Lawrenz and blessed on 25th July 1963. The facade is articulated by a reinforced concrete cantilever carrying a cross that rests on two coloumns and provides a covered entrance. It is crowned by a centrally placed bell-cot. The main altar piece depicts the young Virgin Mary being instructed by her mother St.Anne painted by Ninu Apap in 1989. A statue of St.Anne sculpted by Michael Camilleri Cauchi in 1982 also adorns the chapel. Some refinements were made to the facade in the 1980's. The feast of St Anne is celebrated the 26th of July.
Old Titular picture
Historically, in this area, there is said to have existed a Chapel of this dedication too, nowadays no trace of it can be found.
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New Titular picture