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San Gwann
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church
Soon after WWII people started building their homes in the area between Birkirkara and St.Julian's, and the Archbishop asked the Capuchins to take care of the spiritual welfare of the people residing there. The friars established themselves in the locality and on the 3rd Nov. 1949 the foundation work for a friary and a church was started. The building of the church which is on the lines of the church of San Paolo Fuori Le Mura in Rome, was completed in 1959. It was consecrated in 1962 by Archbishop Michael Gonzi and in 1965 it became the parish church of the locality. Dedication date: 12th May 1962.
Annunciation & St.Leonard tal-Mensija
This underground church was originally dedicated to St.Leonard and in 1575 was under the care of Fr Leonardo Micallef. The locality where it was situated was then known as 'il-Hofra tal-ghar'. Closed to all forms of worship in 1618, the site of this troglodytic church was forgotten. In 1690, an old wooden triptych of Our Lady was accidentally found in the neighbourhood, and this episode led to the rediscovery of this abandoned cave church. People from all parts of the island flocked here and the church was rebuilt by donations that were forthcoming. It was blessed on the 17th April 1691. The Annunciation, which was included in the original wooden triptych, adorned its main altar. This church turned out to be one of the more frequented Marian shrines of the island. On the sides of the main altar there were paintings representing St John the Baptist, St.Athanasius and St Basil. This church is still a venue of Marian devotion. Marriages may be celebrated in it.
A set of stone statues that used to adorn the facade up to the 1950s nowadays are gone.
Beheading of St.John Baptist Tal-Gharghar
The chapel is situated on the road to Sliema. Built before 1615, it was closed by Bishop Balaguer in 1659 but reopened in 1672. It is mentioned by Mons.B.Rull existing in the then Birkirkara limits in 1762. It is again mentioned in 1866 by A Ferres by the name of 'Decollazione di San Giovanni Battista' - Decollazione meaning Beheading. When in recent times the Capuchins, requested by the Archbishop, established themselves in the locality they used this chapel until they built the Parish Church. Nowadays it is used for catechetical instruction.
A chapel exists in Torri Lanzun, a 15th century farmhouse fortified in the 18th century against pirate attacks. In the latter part of the 20th century it was bought by the Order of St Lazarus and turned into their headquarters.
Holy Family Ta' Zwejt
This pastoral centre is run by the Conventual Franciscan Fathers.
In 1575 when this area was still part of Birkirkara jurisdiction there is mention of a church of St.Helen in these parts of 'Tal-Gharghar'. There is an earlier mention of it being a parish church in 1436. It was first built on a 3rd century Roman tower called 'Ta'Cieda'. A Franciscan convent exists in the area, but not the church.

St.Margaret tal-Imsierah
The chapel was built here in the 16th century but was closed in 1658 to be reopened after restoration four years later. During WWII it was completely destroyed but was rebuilt and opened for use in 1990 by prayer groups and church associations. Nowadays this chapel is used for Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
St.Philip & St.James
The church was built in 1730 by the provost of the Birkirkara chapter. For some time in the last century it was used for storage. It has been recently restored and Mass is held in it three times a year for the Lyceum old boys Association.