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Conversion of St.Paul Parish Church
Safi became a parish in 1598 and the building of the present church started in 1726 in a location where in 1564 there was a small church dedicated to St.Paul. Dedication date: 10th Oct 1784.
Before 1575 the heirs of Vincenzo Manduca were already bound to provide for the feast of this church but by 1683 it was closed for worship. In 1575 another church of the Nativity of Our Lady abutted it. In 1761 a new Assumption church replacing both churches was built and completed by 1781. Its altar piece however represented the Immaculate Conception. This church was restored in 1970 and nowadays is used for meetings by church groups. Perpetual Adoration is nowadays also held here on Tuesdays.
St.Anthony Abbot
A late medieval church of this dedication existed in the district of Dejr il-Hmir at Hlantun south east of Safi. Deserted in the first three decades of the 15th century, it must have been already deconsecrated when Mons.Dusina was visiting in 1575 because there is no mention of it in his report. Remains of a wall from the church could still be identified as recently as 1970.

Three Chapels
and two other Chapels both dedicated to the Nativity of Our Lady were mentioned in 1598 by Bishop Gargallo existing in the Safi jurisdiction of the time.