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Rahal Gdid (Paola)
Christ the King Parish Church
The town of Rahal Gdid literally 'the new village' is also called Paola for the Grandmaster De Paule who founded it. It became a parish in 1910, and the parish church was the church of St.Ubaldesca (see further down). This church belonged to the Maltese civil authorities who gave it to the Ecclesiastical authorities so that it could serve as a parish church. Eventually this church was too small for the population of the locality and so the present church dedicated to Christ the King was started in 1923 and finished in 1959. Dedication date 3rd June 1967
In Kordin prisons which are the main prisons in Malta, a chapel exists for use by the inmates.
A new chapel was inaugurated in 2007 by Archishop Cremona in a semi-elliptical building near the campus gates of the MCAST (Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology). A unique Tabernacle made in Rome was installed in this bright modern chapel. Perpetual Adoration is held here Monday to Friday.
Jesus of Nazareth
This chapel is situated on the road which leads from Paola to Luqa and was built in 1899 by Anglu Psaila. Nowadays it belongs to his heirs who see that Mass is celebrated daily in it.
Our Lady of Good Counsel
A Chapel exists in a High School of the same name 'Mater Boni Consilii'
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church
Fr.F.Xuereb, parish priest of Paola, built a church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes in 1963 to provide for the spiritual needs of the people residing in the Marsa side of town, then in 1974 the church was made a parish church for the area.
St.Anthony of Padova Ghajn Dwieli
In 1953 the Capuchin friars opened a small chapel at Ghajn Dwieli, but they soon realized they needed to build a larger church to accommodate the increasing population. A larger church was eventually built and opened for worship in 1965. The church is dedicated to St.Anthony of Padova. Marriages may be celebrated there.
St.Anthony of Padova The first church
St.Anthony of Padova The present church
St John Baptist
Saint Gorg Preca also instituted a ladies branch for his M.U.S.E.U.M. catechism group. The premises at Rahal Gdid with its own chapel St John Baptist was built in 1956. From the beginning, the chapel was open to the public for Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
St.Joseph of the Apparition
In 1875 Mons.F.Caruana acquired permission to build a chapel near his house and dedicated it to St.Joseph. On his death in 1884 the priest was interred there. The Sisters of St.Joseph of the Apparition settled in Paola in 1910 and opened a school, which in 1926 was transferred to #69 Zabbar Road and the chapel became part of their complex. It now accommodates the people residing in the vicinity.
This church was built in 1629 by Grandmaster De Paule. When the Order of St.John left Malta, the church became Government property, but, requested by the bishop, the Government gave the church to the ecclesiastical authorities to serve as a parish church. It served as a subsidiary parish church from 1905 to 1910 when Paola became a parish in its own right. The church ceased to be the parish church of the locality when the church of Christ the King was built.
Pictures on Right are: The church in 1900 before it was enlarged and given a new facade; the church today inside and outside.
St.Ubaldesca as it was in 1900