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St.Paul Shipwrecked Parish Church
The parish church is a small baroque temple built between 1914 and 1921. It was consecrated on 18 October 1925. Bishop Joseph Pace established it as a parish church on 12th December 1957 making Munxar the last village in Gozo to become an autonomous parish. The feast falls on the 10th of February which is also a national public holiday; however the outside festivities are celebrated on the third Sunday of May.
St.Paul Shipwrecked parish church
St Agatha Forn il-Gir
Towards the end of the sixteenth century Dun Anton Attard the Archpriest of the principal church, after organizing a collection throughout the island, raised a chapel in honour of Saint Agatha at Forn il-Gir and dedicated the left side altar to Our Lady of Grace. The chapel soon became a centre of devotion but it was not destined to stand for long. It was no more by 1615.

This chapel stood at Forn il-Gir probably on the way to Xlendi, the exact location is not certain. The beautiful altarpiece attracted many pious people to the chapel. As it was probably perched on the southwestern cliffs of the island, it was not always visited by the bishops and so little else is known about it. It was deconsecrated in 1657.