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Assumption Parish Church
Mqabba became a parish in 1598 and the old church dedicated to St.Basil, (see further down) was used as a parish church till a new church was built in 1663-99 on the site of twin churches dedicated to The Annunciation and The Assumption which existed before 1575. Canon Mariano Briffa in 1600 and his heirs afterwards, looked after the needs of the old Assumption church. The old Annunciation church was commemorated by the erection of a side altar in the new church. The present church was severely damaged during WWII and restoration work lasted till 1947 Dedication date: 20th May 1774.
Pre-1940s WWII damage
Jesus of Nazareth
This cemetery chapel built in 1910, is dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth and is accessed straight from the road. Please see section on Cemeteries
Nativity of Our Lady
Not included in Mgr.Dusina's report of 1575 but mentioned by Bishop Gargallo in his 1594 report and deemed unfit and lacking all necessities. No trace is left of this church.

Our Lady of Sorrows
Two old adjacent churches, one dedicated to the Assumption and the other to the Annunciation, (also found as a Visitation in some documents), were recorded by Mons.Dusina in 1575 on this site. He ordered the Annunciation closed since it wasn't fit for Liturgy. The Assumption church was rebuilt and enlarged in 1680 by Fr.Francesco Agiusi and after being renovated in1814, it was rededicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. It has a deep parvis in front under which is said to be an old cemetery from the time of the Plague. Perpetual Adoration is nowadays held here.
This is one of the oldest churches in Malta and was built between 1486 and 1515 in the first years of the parish. In 1598, for a short while when serving as the parish church, it was dedicated to St.Mary. During WWII it served as the parish church when the Assumption was hit by enemy bombing. Nowadays it is used for group meetings and conferences. In front, there used to be a cemetery of the plague now covered in concrete.
St.Catherine & St.Peter
Built in 1550, two Chapels existed on the site, one dedicated to St.Catherine and the other to St.Peter. In 1750 the two chapels were demolished by order of Bishop Rull and one chapel with both dedications was built instead in 1761. Up to the beginning of the 20th century, this church was still in use.
The chapel is right by the church of St.Basil (see further up) and was probably first built in 1550. It was rebuilt in 1669. In front of these two churches was a cemetery for the 1675 plague commemorated by a plaque placed in 1778.
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