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Holy Trinity Parish Church
The church and Capuchin Friary in Marsa were built by merchant Lorenzo Balbi and his wife, both from Valletta. GianDomenico Debono was the architect. Marsa Trinity church was declared a parish church on the 19th April 1913 by Archbishop Pietru Pace. Dedication date: 17th April 1963
Corner stone 1909
1911 1912
Assumption Ta' Ceppuna
An old Medieval church which lay derelict for a long time. Hit by enemy bombs in WWII, it was restored in the early 2000's and is at present in the care of the Capuchin friars who officiate in it.
Church of the Assumption ta' Ceppuna before and during restoration
The Oratory of the Holy Trinity Parish Church is nowadays being used as a chapel for Perpetual Adoration opening Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 11.30am.

Our Lady of Grace ta' Cejlu
The church, known as 'ta' Cejlu', was built in 1870 in Baroque style on land donated by Lawyer Joseph Zammit. It served the spiritual needs of the first community in Marsa following the development of Porto Nuovo by Governor Le Merchant in 1860. It is under the care of the Franciscans Minor.
Our Lady of the Eucharist
Opened March 1982, the outside looks of a residence belie the beautiful and spacious chapel within.
Our Lady of the Eucharist chapel
Our Lady of Sorrows
This chapel is under the jurisdiction of the Queenship of Mary Parish and run by the Capuchin Friars. Two Masses are celebrated here on Sundays and Holidays and one each Wednesday evening.

Queenship of Mary Parish Church
In 1956 the Marsa Capuchins started the building of a new church on the outskirts of the parish for the benefit of the poeple living there. Finished in 1961 it was instituted as a Parish church in 1966. The first feast was celebrated in 1967 when it was originally dedicated to Our Lady of Tears but, after a happy feast complete with fireworks, the parishioners thought the celebration clashed with that sombre title of Our Lady. Since the church was not yet consecrated, they asked for its dedication to be changed. So the Archbishop, with a decree of the 26th June 1968 changed it to the Queenship of Mary and henceforth the parishioners celebrated Mary under that title. Dedication date: 22nd August 1976.
Queenship of Mary parish church
Sacred Heart of Jesus
In 1875 the civil authorities planned the building of a new town which was to be called Albert Town in honour of Albert, the Prince Consort of Queen Victoria. The plan did not succeed but a number of families went to live near the church of the Sacred Heart, which had been built for the new town. In 1951 the church was given to the Capuchin friars of Marsa and is now administered by nuns.
Convent chapel of the Franciscan Capuchins.
Nowadays Lost. Maybe this is the Medieval chapel that Charles Fiott mentions used to exist near the power station.