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St.Joseph Spouse of Mary Parish Church
Manikata became a parish in 1975 and architect Richard England who planned the new church took his inspiration from the 'girna', a small traditional corbelled stone hut put up by farmers as storage for their implements.
St,Joseph Spouse of Mary church
St.Joseph Old chapel
A chapel dedicated to St.Joseph was built around 1918 and Bishop Caruana placed it in the care of the Franciscans Minor.
Old chapel of St.Joseph
Royal Naval Military Chapel
Near Golden Bay Ghajn Tuffieha, in an area called 'In-Nahhalija', there used to be a British Naval barracks and the forces had an Anglican church built for them in 1949 as shown by a plaque carved in the stone. The building, having a slanting roof with a small belfry at one end. An entrance is found along its northern side. The building which is nowadays inaccessible, was at one time also used as a cinema by the forces.
Royal Naval Military chapel
Army Church
This church was built at Il-Fawwara Ghajn Tuffieha in 1916 with a slanting roof made of timber and Asbestos. A room abuts the main building on the left. This well constructed building is decorated with Egyptian style cornices and has a small front porch. A stone carved plaque shows the date of construction. The church was initially utilized for ecclesiastical activities but its use later changed to that of a cinema.
Army church Portico 1916 Plaque