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The island of Kemmuna is recorded having a chapel even as early as the 13th century. This was dedicated to the Assumption. The chapel was rebuilt in 1667 and again in 1716 on a plan by Vittorio Cassar. It was dedicated to the Return of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Egypt for some time as the titular shows. It has uninterruptedly served the spiritual needs of the guardsmen at the tower and of the small farming community that still lives on the island.
Assumption Kemmuna
St.Joseph in St.Mary Tower
In 1618, the Order of Saint John financed the construction of St.Mary Tower to defend the Gozo channel and deter enemy shipping from finding shelter in the caves of Comino. In it there is a chapel dedicated to St.Joseph. It is interesting to note that the altarpiece of the chapel of Saint Joseph within the tower represented Our Lady and Saint Joseph fleeing with Baby Jesus to Egypt. Yet it was Saint Joseph who was especially venerated inside this chapel.
St.Mary Tower and Chapel