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Immaculate Mother of the Church Parish Church
The Church was built in 1966 and by an Episcopal decree of the 6th November 1989. A pastoral zone was established in an area which previously formed part of the parishes of Birkikara, San Giljan and Gargur. In 1994 the church was extended and the belfry built. On the 4th April 1999, this zone became a Parish.
Immaculate Mother of the Church
St.Mary Magdalen
Built in 1490 with an adjoining house, it was closed by Bishop Balaguer in 1659 because it lacked necessities. It was used as a watch tower in 1798 during the French Blockade because of its position. With permission from the ecclesiastical authorities, the British demolished it in 1880 to build fort Madliena and provided funds for a replacement church further down the road. A cross marks the spot where it once stood in the fort.

St.Mary Magdalen
Built further down from the fort in 1880 out of British funds to replace the one demolished, it contains the 1660 titular picture of the old chapel.
Top: Final plans
Left: Prospective plans
St.Mary Magdalen church