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Our Lady of Carmel Parish Church
On the 10th July 1902 some drunken sailors started throwing rocks at a house near the bridge connecting Manoel island to the mainland. One of the stones became stuck between the glass and the image of Our Lady of Carmel in a small niche on the wall of the house. The incident led to the building of a small chapel which came to be known as the chapel of Our Lady of the Stone. In 1921 Gzira became a parish and the people in the area started building a new church to take the place of the chapel. Dedication date: 23rd May 1959
Our Lady of Carmel parish church
Inside photo by Jasmine Grech
Christ Redeemer
The church was built by Albert Grixti without the approval of the ecclesiastical authorities. Permission was given to open the church when it was handed to the Augustinian Sisters who had opened a school in the vicinity. Nowadays the parish is taking care of it.
Our Lady Star of the Sea
The school 'Stella Maris College' which the Christian Brothers had opened in Villa Schinas in 1904 was transferred to a new school which they built in 1938. Twenty years later the College chapel was open to the people residing in the area. Marriages may be celebrated in it.
St.Anthony Manoel Island
With the severe hits on the fort from air raids during WWII, only part of this 1723 chapel remained. It was built in Grandmaster De Vilhena's time and used to contain a crypt. Around 2008 the fort was restored. The crypt was first reconstructed after the surrounding buildings were ready, then the church itself. First picture shows it intact from an 1860 photo. The church was used as a Catholic church and Anglicans who were stationed there, used the Armoury of the fort as their place of worship. In the recent restoration an actual plan of the church was lacking, so old pictures were used with the unknown sculpted areas being left blank and as much as possible of the existing material being used.
St.Anthony in 1860 with the statue of Grandmaster Manoel De Vilhena on the left. The ruins of the chapel before restoration.
2009 Restored
Holy Cross
An Anglican Chapel built by the British within Fort Manoel (The fort was called HMS Phoenicia by the British) to accommodate the service personnel. This Chapel was closed in the early '60's and another one opened at Birgu where need was more pressing.
Armoury used as Holy Cross Anglican church
Mentioned in the list of Mons.Dusina in 1575. Nowadays Lost.
St. Monica
A chapel in a school of the same name run by Nuns
St Roque
The Lazzaretto on Manoel Island had a chapel of this dedication in A Ferres' time in 1866

Bible Baptist church
The church was started by Maltese-American Joseph Mifsud and his wife Jenny in March 1985. The congregation used to meet in rented premises at the Belleair Lounge in St.Andrews for around 9 years until 1994. After much opposition a building permit was obtained to start a church. Some funds were donated by some American Baptist Churches to purchase a plot of land in Gzira. Most of the work on the outside of the building was completed in 1993. On the 14th April 1994 the first service was held in the church building.
Bible Baptist church