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Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church
In 1952 the Dominican friars, through the efforts of their provincial, Fr.Esmond Klimeck, built the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima on Guardamangia hill; the Sanctuary had to be a centre of the Rosary Crusade. The church was opened in 1955 and became a parish in 1968. Dedication date: 29th May 1978. This church has a Holy Sacrament Chapel attached with access through the church itself. Here one may visit Jesus exposed for Perpetual Adoration.
Our Lady of Fatima parish church Gwardamanga
Our Lady of Loreto
This church belongs to the convent of the Ursuline sisters and was first built in 1938. It had to be dismantled and rebuilt soon after because it did not conform with building codes. Marriages may be celebrated in it. The Dominican Friars from the Gwardamanga parish officate in this church.
Our Lady of Sorrows
The church was built in 1592-93 immidiately after the plague near a cemetery for plague victims. In 1617 a small friary was added by the Augustinian friars who took residence there in 1652 but left soon after. In 1721 the church was chosen as a subsidiary parish church of the parish of St.Paul in Valletta to cater for the spiritual needs of the people living in the area. In 1740 the Floriana church was chosen as the subsidiary and the Pieta church lost its status. The feast of Our Lady of Sorrows at Pieta during the 18th century, held on Friday after Passion Sunday, included also a procession. Until the institution of Gwardamangia parish in 1968, it used to be under Hamrun jurisdiction. In 1974 the church and the friary were given to the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Chapel in the Hospital of the same name. Work on the Hospital started April 1930 and stopped for the duration of WWII but was finished immidiately after. The chapel itself was consecrated in 1959 and in 1962 a new statue of the Saint was installed.
A school which the Augustinian friars had opened at Tarxien was transferred to Pieta in 1965 and a year later the friars started building the new college which was opened in 1972. The chapel of the college is dedicated to St Augustine.

St.Thomas of Villanova
Adjacent to the Augustinian college is the Centre for Vocations. The chapel of the Centre is dedicated to St Thomas of Villanova.
The Augustinian centre with the chapels of St.Augustine and St.Thomas of Villanova