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Assumption Parish Church
Since 1511 at Ghaxaq there was a church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven. On attaining a parish status in 1626, this church had a quadrangular shape and its roof consisted of seven rows of slab roofing. Sometime before 1655, a transept was added. Later on however between 1723 and 1760, a new baroque church was built which substituted the previous edifice. Dedication date: 2nd May 1784.
Assumption parish church
Assumption Ta' Cucciara
The Cathedral Chapter built this church in 1535. Twenty years afterwards, Giovanni Mangion, nicknamed Cucciara, left a bequest to this church. In November 1600, Thomas Tabone promised to rebuild it. Its altar piece then represented the Annunciation. During the Pastoral Visit of 1659, this church was closed to public worship.
Christ Redeemer Santu Kristu
The church was built in 1852 - 1859 on the site of two wayside shrines erected in 1807 by land assessor Mikelang Zammit who had escaped death when his cab overturned. The Franciscan sisters administrate this church nowadays. Marriages may be celebrated in it.
Church of Christ Redeemer
Eucharistic Adoration Chapel
On the occasion of the Eucharistic year 2004, a chapel for Perpetual Adoration was built in the basement of the ex - parish office.
Chapel for Eucharistic Adoration
Nativity of Our Lady Ta' Guernia
This church which in 1600 stood in the neighbourhoods of St George's Valley known as Wied Dalam ceased to function in 1659. Its altar piece was later inserted under the titular picture of the parish church.
St.Lucy Tal-Barrani
Built in 1535 on land and with funds belonging to the Cathedral, it is situated on the outskirts of Ghaxaq at Tal-Barrani. The titular picture shows Our Lady, the Child Jesus and St.Lucy. Up to the onset of WWII the feast was still celebrated every year. The church gave its name to a nearby development which is now a town and a Parish. The building itself which was restored in recent years at least on the outside, is still in the confines of Ghaxaq.
St.Lucy church
St.Nicholas of Bari
Mentioned in a pastoral visit of 1642 when it was closed for public worship because it was deemed not up to standard and neglected.
St.Philip Neri
This church was built in 1762 and became a basilica in 1769. Its founder Rev Philip Zammit, lies buried in it. Every First Friday there is a solemn exposition of the Blessed Sacrament the whole day in this church nowadays.
Church of St.Philip Neri