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Our Lady of Carmel Parish Church
In 1950 the Carmelite friars built a small church not far from the place where an old church was situated. This second church now serves as a store and a place for exhibitions. The new chuch became a parish church in 1965 and when the population expanded, the friars built a larger church which was blessed in 1988. Dedication date: 1st Feb 1990.
Second parish church now a store.
Our Lady of Carmel Old church
In 1798 a small church was built where before a small shrine of the Virgin Mary had existed for more than a century. The church was rebuilt in 1844 but was demolished by the Government to widen the road from Paola to Zabbar in 1956. In 1990 monument was erected where it once stood.
The old 1790's Our Lady of Carmel church
A small private chapel on Klerku Street, lately kept closed and unused.