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Assumption Parish Church
Dingli, arose in the vicinity of the suppressed Parish in the dwindling village of Hal-Tartani. In 1575 Dusina recorded the existence of the Assumption church at Dingli. In 1636, this church consisting of five arches was deemed very old and while a new church was still being built, Bishop Molina on the 31st December 1678 installed it as an independent parish. The present church was built in 1903 on the site of the 1678 church. It was extensively expanded with two side naves, new belfries, facade and dome between 1958 and 1975. Dedication date: 26th March 1939.
1903 church
Assumption Nowadays
Perpetual Adoration Chapel.
Chapel Savio College
The College was founded in 1968 by the Salesians of Don Bosco as a centre of Christian education and Salesian formation of young people. The College is a secondary school with 250 pupils. It has a youth centre attached and of course contains a Chapel.
The first church of this name used to stand close by in 1436. It served as the parish church of Hal Tartani which was later absorbed by Dingli. The Church we have nowadays was built in 1669 by the Baron MarkAnthony Inguanez on his property.
St.Domenica church

St James - Wied ir-rum.
It had been closed for worship in 1615, but was later restored, with mass celebrated weekly. This chapel is nowadays lost.

St Margharet - Tal-Qattara.
This church is mentioned in an apostolic visit of 1635. It was in a sad state and was not restored as Bishop Gargallo had ordered. In 1656 the church was closed and deconsecrated, with its ruins hardly noticeable by 1680.
Mentioned existing on the cliffs in Mons.B.Rull's report of 1762 when he revoked its ecclesiastical immunity. (Most probably it is the one dedicated to St.Mary Magdalen below mistakenly reported).
St.Mary Magdalen
This chapel on the edge of Dingli cliffs was built in 1646. It was deconsecrated by Bishop PaceForno, but consecrated afterwards. It was restored early in the 21st century. Mass is now celebrated here once a year.
Church of St.Mary Magdalen on top of Dingli cliffs
Before restoration
St Nicholas - Tal-Qattara.
This was the property of the Grandmaster built on the cliffs. Bishops did not include it in their tour of apostolic visits because it was private. Lost.