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Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Church
The Franciscan Conventuals built a church in Burmarrad for the people living in the area between 1958 and 1961 as the parish church of St Paul's Bay was too far away. It was opened and dedicated on the 30th May 1964 and made a Parish church in 1971. The titular picture is by EmVin Cremona.

Annunciation Salini
It was built in the beginning of the 16th century and formerly, each year, a pilgrimage left Naxxar for this church in thanksgiving for liberation from Moslem attacks. Nearby are some early rock cut Christian tombs. Somewhat unusually, this church, in Mons. Dusina's 1575 report, was included among Mellieha's churches! At one time the facade was buttressed.

Chapel (Private)
In an area called 'Gherien il-Hida'.

St.Margaret Ghajn Rihana
Built before the 16th century, this beautiful little church was deconsacrated in 1658 but re-consecrated and opened to the public some time later. Its titular picture by M.Bellanti is from 1850. It was enlarged in the 1930s with the addition of a modern part in front of the old chapel which was left to serve as the Sanctuary.

St.Michael L-imdawra
This chapel was built in 1652 through the collection of funds around this rural area. It was restored in 2006. The titular picture was also restored elsewhere. It has a very old ornate preparation altar in the sacristy.

St.Paul Milqi
Built on top of the hill overlooking Burmarrad 1616-1672. During excavations in 1964, remains of two other churches were found on the site, most probably medieval. This can all be found amidst the remains of a Roman house where tradition says Paul healed Publius' father and converted many Maltese to Christianity. 'Milqi' means Welcomed. An old Roman well excavated on the site beside the church is thought (by traditionalists) to be where Paul baptized the first Maltese. Nowadays though in fair shape, this chapel needs decorating inside.

In the 20s before any excavation was started