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St.Peter in Chains Parish Church
Birzebbuga became a parish on the 9th September 1913, and the small church of Our Lady of Sorrows, which was just 3 stables converted into a church, became the parish church. Steps were immediately taken to build a larger church (the present one), which was opened for worship on 12th June 1938. Dedication date: 14th May 1977.

Holy Family
Built in 1865 by Canon Albanese from Bormla, the chapel is today used for meetings of the Praesidia of the Legion of Mary. A few decades ago, two small belfries and the portico were removed. Nowadays it is open for perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Immaculate Conception Benghisa
The Church was built in 1822 by a Zurrieq priest, and was enlarged in 1862. Although private property it is used by the Birzebbuga parish for the celebration of Mass on Sundays and Feast Days for the people residing in the area. Marriages may be celebrated in the church.

Our Lady Help of Christians
This Doric style chapel was built in 1839 and is the property of the Cachia Zammit family from Ghaxaq.

Our Lady of Sorrows
The church was built in 1909 and served as parish church till the present Parish church was built. Nowadays it is used by the Society for Christian Doctrine M.U.S.E.U.M. for catechetical instruction.

Our Lady Star of the Sea
A small chapel for the use of the military existed in the old HMS Falcon School at Kalafrana. The titular was just a crucifix hung on the wall behind the altar. It used to accommodate British Catholic Servicemen and could take up to a 100 people. The chapel was deconsecrated and dismantled after the exit of British troops from Malta in 1972.

Santa Sofia Benghisa
According to Mons. Dusina's Pastoral visit in 1575, in the area of the old Hal Far aerodrome of WWII, there used to exist a chapel of this dedication. He found it without a door and threatened to deconsecrate it if it was not taken care of. Again it is mentioned by Mons Cagliares in his 1618 visit. Benghisa was still part of Zurrieq at that time but he listed it under the Zejtun parish. On his next visit of 1621 Mons. Cagliares found it lacking necessities and ordered these to be remedied. Nowadays there remains no trace of this chapel at all.

Built in 1702 by the nobleman Vincenzo Viani from Valletta on the outskirts of Hal Far. It had a main door and a side door leading to the private property adjacent to it. It had the arms of Grandmaster Perellos on the facade and had an unusual bell with two strikers in its bellcot. Its single altar was made out of local stone. Being close to the old wartime airport, this church was completely lost to enemy action during WWII.

This church was built in 1683 over an older building, which could be reached by means of a drawbridge, then a redoubt was built in 1715. It was rebuilt in 1863. St George's Bay took its name from this church. At present is being administered by the priests of the Missionary Society of St.Paul. Marriages may be celebrated in the church.

The chapel was built in 1871 by Capt.E.V.Zammit, is private property and no longer in use as a church but as a private residence. It contains a painting by G.Cali'.

The Good Shepherd
A recently opened chapel for the convenience of locals.