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Annunciation Parish Church
Balzan became a parish on the 14th August 1655 and the old church of the Annunciation became the parish church. In December 1669 work started on the building of a new church and four years later part of the building was already in use, although the works continued till 1695. The style of its facade is pre-Baroque. Dedication date - 7th October 1781 The building of the new parish church was taken in hand immediately after the parish status had been attained and its foundation stone was blessed by the parish priest on the 26th December 1669. The main aisle was already in use during the Pastoral Visit of 1671-74. The transept, the choir, cupola and belfry took some time to be completed. The cupola was in process of being built in 1699. By 1709 the whole edifice, including the belfry was ready. This church however was blessed when still incomplete on the 23rd January 1693, and was consecrated by Bishop Labini on the 7th October 1781.

With protective wall from blast in front of main door. WWII
Annunciation Old Church
The Apostolic Visitor's 1575 records give the earliest reference, regarding this church. In 1601, the family of Don Filippo Borg UJD, provided for the celebration of its feast. On the 14th August 1655 when Balzan was given a parish status, this church was chosen as its parish church and continued to function as such until the new parish church was built in 1693. This church has remained practically unchanged to this day. Mass is celebrated here once a year.

Originally built in the 14th century, it was rebuilt and dedicated on the 10th March 1675. The present church was built in 1846. In front of it there is a statue of Our Lady. The church is used to serve as storage for some of the Parish church furnishings but lately it is being used for Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

In the convent called 'Villa of the Holy Annunciation' belonging to the Sisters of Charity.

The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary came to Malta and opened their first convent at Balzan. Their chapel is open to the public and marriages may be celebrated there.

Nativity of Our Lady
This church, mentioned in the records of Gargallo's 1602 Pastoral Visit, stood within a field owned by Joseph Agius and was closed to worship in 1659.

Sacred Heart
The Good Shepherd Sisters (Bon Pastur) arrived in Malta in 1860. The convent chapel built in 1868 is open to the public and marriages may be celebrated there.

This small church was built in Hal Bordi between 1575 and 1601 on the same street as the churches of St.Roque and The Annunciation. St.Leonard is nowadays incorporated into a private residence. All the three churches mentioned here were recently restored.

The church was built in 1593 as a thanksgiving action after the liberation of the village from the plague. Mass is celebrated here once a year and the Palm Sunday procession starts from this church. It lies barely 10 meters from the old Annunciation church.