Hamrun pictures from the 1950's.
All the pictures on this page were taken by my late brother Anthony Scerri in the '50's.
Nothing has changed much around the statue of Fra Diegu in St.Paul's square.... except maybe the diameter of the trunks on the surrounding trees!
The camera moves to the left from the statue of Fra Diegu.... Look at those vintage cars! Hey where's the Dome of St.Cajetan's Church?
Renovation is being done on the Porto Salvo Church facade here. The military ambulance, the vintage cars and the lack of shop fronts on the opposite side of the street hint to the era the shot was taken.
Here again one can note the lack of traffic, the type of bus and the priest in full garb. Again, none of the resisential facades have been altered yet!
This picture takes us to Blata l-Bajda at the other end of Hamrun. The flyover had not been built yet and Spencer's monument had not been moved more to the right in the picture to accommodate traffic either. Would a lone police officer on a tiny traffic island cope with today's flow of traffic in that main artery? He doesn't seem too busy eh?
This picture was taken in 1948 when Bishop Gonzi visited Hamrun during the tenure of pastor Henry Cordina Perez. (on left of picture). Would today's kids kneel in respect like those in the picture? The 'ghonnella' seems to have been still in fashion!
Again people are kneeling out of respect! The two Deacons holding the 'Baldacchino' would be ordained priests the next year 1949. To the Bishop's right is the future Dun Guzepp Saliba and to the Bishop's left none other than the future Dun Guzepp Cachia who would soon form the Hamrun Choir.
Same pastoral visit in an institute with Fr Edgar Vella heading the procession. He would be the one who would initiate the building of the Immaculate Conception church which would become the second parish church of Hamrun.
This is an iconic photo of Hamrun which includes a future Canonized Saint. Bottom left is Dun Gorg Preca - Saint George Preca the founder of MUSEUM.
The statue of St Cajetan starting out in procession from the parish church on the feast day of the Saint circa 1953.
The statue of St Joseph starting out in procession from the parish church on the feast day of the Saint. This is the secondary feast of the parish celebrated with a procession.