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Hamrun in Art

The harbour area around Valletta and the three cities is very picturesque and very inspiring for artists. Hamrun on the other hand is just a suburb on a main road and not so interesting. Even so, we do have some paintings of early Hamrun even from pre photographic times.

It seems that the hill of Atocia would serve a special purpose because of its strategic location not only in war against the French whom the Maltese blockaded inside the capital, but also in more peaceful times.

In the late 18th and up to the l9th century, painters liked to climb the hill and be inspired by the view especially looking towards the Capital City of Valletta. We are lucky in this way to have depictions of Hamrun during these years before the photographic process was even invented. One can find numerous artists painting this particular scene, I will include a few with the approximate date painted. In these one can see the Blacas palace in the middle foreground.

Luigi Maria Galea also painted the Hamrun landscape from the Floriana side later on, with the newly built parish church of St Cajetan slightly to the left in the middle.

I have not come across paintings of Hamrun scenes done in modern times, but as for myself, becoming an artist in my retirement and being so fond of Hamrun, inspired me to paint a couple. One is of the Church where I was an altar server and where I later got married, and the other is of most of Hamrun with the parish church of St Cajetan as seen from the Floriana bastions.